Antique Painting, Landscape painting, scenery painting which represents The Moor, heathland with flowering heather flowers and the infinity of the horizon,

this is the Corrèze plateau in central France, painted in the morning light. Landscape art work, XIX Century. 

In fact, the painter wrote "Le matin Bruyères en fleurs Hauts Plateaux de la Corrèze, 08-91" on the back of the canvas.

Paintings with landscapes that represent nature. The ancient painting and the frame are restored.

The work is dated 1891 and signed Didier Pouget, a French landscape painter, who loved to paint outdoors and especially southern France.

William Didier Pouget (1864-1959) was born in Toulouse and began his career as an artist in 1886 when he participated in the "Salon de Paris".

He studies at the "Des Beaux-Arts" school in Toulouse and then at the "Académie de Paris", considered close to the Impressionist painters.

He becomes a member of the "Société Des Artistes Français", knows and associates with many important artists including Jean Baptiste Corot.

His river landscapes are rich in poetry and the painter usually prefers to capture the light of sunset or sunrise,

I paint the figure of the tree in a dark and decisive color in contrast with the clear light of the sky.

Since 1903 Didier-Pouget exhibits in the United States where he is very much appreciated.

Many works by this important artist are exhibited in the many museums. The oil painting dresses in its gilded frame coeval to the work.

This antique oil painting on canvas has an original gold leaf frame realised in the 1800s.

So, we can consider that this Scenery Painting, Antique Landscape Oil Painting, heathland with flowering heather flowers

The Moor, 19th Century very  interesting.


Canvas size: 65 x 46 cm

Size with frame: 90,5 x 70,5 cm

Depth: 11 cm

Weight: 8,5 Kg