Religious Paintings on canvas, Christian art paintings, Madonna with Baby, 19th Century. (QRel 193)


This is a religious oil painting of Jesus, which represents the Madonna with child. 

The work represents a reproduction of the Madonna di Foligno in the 1800s,

created by Raphael in 1500 and which is now found in the Vatican museums in Rome.

This oil painting has an original and elegant gold leaf frame, realised in the 1800s.

Although there isn't signature on the canvas of Christian painting.

The oil on canvas painting dates back to the nineteenth Century and it is an artwork  of Bisgart Collection of Antique Paintings of the 19th Century.

We can consider this  Religious Painting On Canvas, Christian Art Paintings, Madonna With Child, Oil On Canvas, 19th Century a beautiful christian painting.


Canvas size: 90 x 113 cm

Size with frame: 136 x 113 cm