This is an antique Seascape Oil Painting, Maritime art, 20th Century. This is an antique painting,

representing a seascape, a stretch of rocky coastline in the Côte d'Azur, locality of Bandol,

where there are beautiful beaches, as the painter writes on the back of the canvas. XX Century.

This oil painting on canvas has an original frame, coeval with the antique painting. Early 1900s. 

The ancient painting is signed at lower left by Louis Haas, a French Orientalist painter.

Louis Haas (1870-1923) was born in Algeria but moved to Paris in 1891.

He worked in the atelier of Auguste Alfred Rubé, Philippe Chaperon and Marcel Jambon.

He became at the Austrian court artistic educator of the children of Archduke Louis Salvator of Habsburg-Lorraine.

Then with the archduke's family travelled to Spain, Italy, Egypt, the Mediterranean islands and Turkey, and spent a year in Venice.

He was a pupil of the painter Louis Eugène Baille. In 1906 he returned to his hometown in Algeria.

In 1907 he exhibited his paintings in Philippeville and in several Algerian cities,

with other Orientalist painters such as Maxime Noiré, Léon Geille de Saint-Léger, Gilbert Galland and Louis Randavel.

He died in Bandol (Var) in 1923. Landscape art work, XX Century. The frame and the painting are restored.

The oil on canvas painting dates back to the twentieth Century and it is an artwork of

Bisgart Collection of Antique Paintings of the 20th Century.

We can consider this Seascape Painting, Antique Painting, Marine, Oil On Canvas, 20th Century a wonderful painting.

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Canvas size:  61 x 38 cm

Size with frame: 78.5 x 54 cm

Depth: 7 cm

Weight: 6.6 kg