This is a portrait artwork of a Small DogPortraits of Dogs proposes small painting, a oil painting on canvas with

a portrait of a Pomeranian Breed dog or Dwarf German Spitz, named after the Pomeranian region of Europe

where they originated, 20th century era. It is a pleasant portrait of a small dog.

The old painting, XX Century, is dated 1926 and signed at lower left Georges Busson French painter

of sporting scenes, of hunting scenes, of paintings with animals.

Georges Louis Charles Busson (1859-1933) was born in Paris and learned to paint thanks to the

teachings of his father and from the painter of hunting scenes Evarise Vital Luminais.

He exhibited regularly at the Salon des artistes français from 1884 onwards,

and received a medal of honour and a third-class medal. At the Expositions Universelles of 1889 and 1900

he was given two silver medals. One of his works is exhibited at the Perigueux Museum.

The work bears a golden frame coeval with the 20th century painting.

The Old Painting and the frame have been carefully and professionally restored.

We can consider this Dogs Portrait Painting, Small DogPomeranian Breed dog or Dwarf German Spitz 

French Painting, 20th Century a beautiful painting.

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Bibliography: E. Bénézit. Dictionnaire Des Peintres Sculptures Dessinateurs et Graveurs.


Canvas size: 55 x 46.5 cm

Size with frame: 73 x 64 cm

Depth: 10 cm

Weight: 5.2 kg