Sculptures Packaging and Shipping

We deliver sculptures and statues all over the world. Regardless of your country, your order will be shipped on time and delivered directly to your home or to any other location.

Packages are handled with care. Our attention to the packaging of antique sculptures has led us to think of a new dedicated protective structure that differs from the packaging of the mirrors and the paintings.


1. Protective coating of the sculpture

The first phase consists in the scrupulous preparation of the protective coating of the sculpture, according to the characteristics of the material and the protrusions of the art work. The first protective coating is composed of bubble wrap for packaging, foam rubber and polystyrene, in order to guarantee a solid and safe first protection phase.

2. Positioning of the sculpture inside the second protective layer

The coated art work is ready for the second phase of packaging: a structure of double cardboard is custom made, in order to create a sort of "air chamber", able to neutralize impacts, so that the work will be not damaged during transport in order to arrive in perfect condition to the customer.

3. Positioning inside the wooden structure

The last phase consists in positioning the sculpture inside the wooden structure, which is also made to measure as a last and further form of protection for the work of art.


4. Choose of the transport company

We choose the best transport companies to entrust them with the transport of the art work of art from our headquarters to the customer's home.

We guarantee the highest quality of the artworks we sell. All the items we sell pass a thorough quality check, so no mismatch in characteristics can escape the eye of our professionals. Our customer support follows you at all stages of your choice: from selection to post purchase.

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