Kees Terlouw

Kees Terlouw

Kees Terlouw is famous for his harbor scenes and cityscapes.

Kees Terlouw was born in Rotterdam in 1890, where he also began his career as an artist.

Then, he worked in Utrecht and The Hague, before leaving for France in 1926, where he lived and worked until the end of his life. He died in Saint-Maur des Fosses (Indra, France) in 1948.

Terlouw paints figures, landscapes, forest, sea and flower scenes, as well as interiors and genre scenes. Despite his prolonged activity in France, many of his works are painted in the Dutch naturalist style. This is certainly reflected in his interior pieces, where Terlouw often depicts traditional Dutch clothing and decorations.

His works can be found in Parisian museums, as well as in Amsterdam, Bern, Brussels and London. The artist is admired for his luminous palette and his impressionistic interpretation of light, shadow and reflection. His bold, textural touches coexist with finer layers, giving a beautiful texture to his paintings.

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